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    Outsource either specific tasks or entire service operations to us with a service agreement. We are a one-stop shop for all service tasks or specifically agreed general services. We serve all fields of industry across Finland.    

    What is a service agreement?

    Our service agreements are tailored to suit our customers’ needs. In other words, they include personalized services for each customer. For some, outsourcing just one aspect of maintenance is enough, while others want a comprehensive package, in which we ensure all predictive and reactive service duties.

    When you enter a service agreement with us, you can count on the included services being always up to date. From entire production plants to portioned service duties, we take care of it like it was our own factory. Our work is successful when our clients’ production goes on without interruptions.

    ETH – a solid and reliable professional

    We conduct maintenance tasks for all sectors of industry with decades worth of experience. Our long-lasting customer relationships tell a tale of our clients’ trust: none of our key clients have moved to another supplier’s services. The service agreement is tailored specifically for your company.

    Why should you sign a service agreement?

    Outsourcing your maintenance operations to a trustworthy partner ensures smooth continuation of your production. Things just work, production remains efficient and won’t have any unnecessary interruptions. With ETH ensuring the upkeep of your industrial site, you can sleep well knowing there won’t be any sudden production halts. A comprehensive service agreement is worth it since proactive maintenance will be cheaper than repairing defects due to insufficient service.  

    Production plants in many industries have only a few people with accumulated service know-how. When employees come and go, know-how and expertise leave with them. By outsourcing maintenance, you can avoid service know-how being concentrated to a slim group of employees. Instead, knowledge is transferred to new employees, ensuring that work continues smoothly. We provide all maintenance services in one package. Minimize the risks of production stoppages and trust our experts!

    A comprehensive service agreement covers e.g. the following:

    • expert services
    • predictive service
    • maintenance and repair work
    • investment work
    • repair plans
    • Artturi maintenance system
    • condition evaluations
    • hoisting accessory inspections
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • reporting
    • electricity services supervision
    • outsourcing, partial, or comprehensive outsourcing agreements
    • pressure device supervision
    • spare parts delivery

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    Kehityspäällikkö, HSEQ

    Head of Development, HSEQ

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