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    Deliveries and installations with solid expertise

    We handle various project work, such as equipment and material deliveries and installation. We also know our way around designing, implementing, and servicing automation systems.  

    Enabling smooth projects

    Adding new materials and installing machines requires accuracy, skill and carefulness to ensure that large investments pay off. Machine transfers and installations are long and complex projects, where professional planning and leadership play a big part in overall success. Solid project planning, management and implementation avoid unnecessary production halts and mistakes that may end up being costly.

    ETH has long-standing experience with successful delivery and installation projects. We see even the most challenging projects through – and always on schedule. Thanks to our own workshop facilities, entire projects don’t have to be completed during production breaks, such as during summer. Instead, we can handle preparations at our workshop and schedule installation work to be done when it best suits our client.

    ETH – a solid and reliable professional

    We conduct maintenance tasks for all sectors of industry with decades worth of experience. Our long-lasting customer relationships tell a tale of our clients’ trust: none of our key clients have ever moved to another supplier’s services. If you want comprehensive outsourced maintenance, read about our service agreements.

    We deliver and install
    among other things: 


    Efficient and continuous
    operations with electronic automation

    Utilizing automation is one of the most vital assets of modern industry, and one you should not ignore. Automation supports manual work and makes it more secure. For instance, automation allows you to reduce the time needed for start-up from a cold shutdown, and it improves quality and work safety. Well-designed automation increases production efficiency and supports continuous operation.

    Our in-house electric and mechanical installation teams work seamlessly together to carry out installation and automation projects smoothly and without interface issues. We design, implement and service automation systems and solutions for all industries. Our solutions are tailored for each client’s specific needs.

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    Kristo-Pekka Niemi


    Managing Director

    +358 44 084 8764