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    Keeping Finnish factories running

    ETH considers it important to keep industry in Finland. Our employees are our most important asset, and we do everything to ensure stable and rewarding careers. ETH guarantees a safe, encouraging, and inspiring work environment that keep employees with us for a long time. We emphasize continuity in our customer and professional relationships to keep Finnish factories running. 

    Flexibility and efficiency

    The maintenance business is cyclical, where clients’ needs and situations can vary greatly. Because of this, we are a flexible partner, who adapts to clients’ needs as best we can.

    Expertise and trustworthiness

    It is important to us that clients can

    Positive entrepreneurial spirit

    We want to avoid a staggered corporate structure, which is why everyone at ETH is ready to take on challenges in the field. We want to promote fair play in work.

    A reliable partner

    Our information can be found at Vastuu group’s Reliable Partner service.