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    Valve maintenance

    Regular and correctly done valve maintenance ensures a safe and reliable operating environment. Cost-efficient valve maintenance improves occupational safety and lengthens the valves’ use life. Unnecessary energy loss is also eliminated as a byproduct.

    We repair and service adjustment valves, shut-off valves, safety valves etc. reliably using our long-standing professional experience at work sites and our well-equipped workshop.

    We have movable pressure test equipment for safety valves which are also applicable for stress testing other pressure devices. Stress-tests are monitored with a computer program that draws a diagram of the valves’ opening and closing pressure for the client’s reference. When needed, safety valve tests are verified by third-party inspectors, such as Kiwa Inspecta.

    We fix valve actuators and provide valve sanders for sluice valves, poppet valves and conic-seated valves. ETH can deliver spare parts and replacements for numerous models.

    We service and repair the most common brands for industrial and process valves, including Ari, Herose, KSB, Leser, Niezgodka, Spirax Sarco, Thies and Tosaca.

    You can also send your equipment in for service – contact us.

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