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    Industrial maintenance since 2006

    ETH – Growing and improving

    ETH Group Oy is a growing and improving privately owned Finnish company.

    ETH Group’s story began in 2006, when operations were launched by two people. It was clear from the beginning that quality was to be one of their cornerstones. This same idea is still alive amongst our current 140 employees.

    The company’s growth into one of the leading Finnish operators in the field has been staggering. Demand has increased every year, and our growth story goes on; our current turnover exceeds 15 million euros. ETH has also grown locally and expanded its operations from Satakunta to all over Finland, and even abroad into Europe. 

    The background and history of our company travel with us, and we are known as flexible and capable professionals, who are always ready to serve and take on new challenges. Our flat corporate hierarchy and flexible structure allow for quick decision-making, efficient operations and the best possible results. 

    The culture of know-how is grown and shaped by our motivated staff; our professionals are still the cornerstone of our operations and will continue to instigate growth.