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    Maintenance and annual service

    Put your trust in an industrial service expert

    Turn to us when you need a partner in maintenance tasks or annual service. Let our expertise reinforce your service team and your organization’s know-how. We carry out annual maintenance and service tasks with expertise and more than a decade’s worth of experience. 

    Industrial maintenance with solid experience

    Utilizing our services to support your own industrial personnel yields cost savings, efficiency and operational reliability. Maintenance tasks require constant refreshing and development of know-how. An in-house maintenance team does not regularly face tasks that are timely only once per year, for instance. ETH faces these types of speciality tasks every week, which keeps our expertise up to date. We tackle every assignment with confidence gained through experience.

    Sometimes a company might not have enough personnel to conduct maintenance tasks. Annual maintenance, for example, is a large process that often requires outside help. Our long-lasting customer relationships sees us returning to our clients whenever the need arises. This allows us to get to know the production facility’s personnel, operating culture and equipment, and we know exactly what to do at that particular site. With the same partner handling specific tasks every year, tasks like replacing expensive and difficult to acquire spare parts are in reliable hands.

    ETH – a solid and reliable professional

    We conduct maintenance tasks for all sectors of industry with decades worth of experience. Our long-lasting customer relationships tell a tale of our clients’ trust: none of our key clients have ever moved to another supplier’s services. If you want comprehensive outsourced maintenance, read about our service agreements.

    Predictive service is an investment in the future

    Predictive maintenance keeps factories running and prevents avoidable faults, production halts and safety risks. It also ensures a long and efficient use life for machines. Predictive machine service will usually quickly prove itself more cost-efficient than repairing faults or dealing with production stoppages due to faulty machinery.

    We provide all maintenance services in one package. You can outsource either all maintenance operations or just a part of it to us with a service agreement, upon which we oversee the agreed entity. Minimize the risks of production stoppages and trust our experts!

    Annual maintenances include the following services

    Our services cover spare part acquisitions, machining and design.

    • supervision of manufacturing
    • predictive service
    • Belzona coatings and repairs
    • machine spart part manufacturing
    • conveyor service and installation
    • maintenance machining
    • machine service
    • service, inspection and pressure testing of thermal exchange systems
    • Haelok connections
    • IR camera imaging
    • lifting beams, including CE marked ones
    • engine replacements

    • crushed gravel maintenance
    • alternations
    • paper machine service
    • bellows and channels
    • process machine inspections and service
    • projects
    • demolition work
    • service and modernization for rotating machines
    • mixer maintenance
    • filter maintenance
    • tube replacements
    • gearbox and transmission gear maintenance

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    Managing Director

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