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    Billing instructions for suppliers

    • The invoices must include our order number and preferably also our contact person
    • One invoice can only have one order number
    • Payment term 30 days

    We prefer invoices as an e-invoices.

    Company information
    NameVAT numberE-invoicing address
    ETH Group OyFI27088137003727088137
    E-invoice operator information
    OperatorOperator identifier
    Operator identifier when sending invoice from the bank network:DABAFIHH

    PDF invoices via email

    In case your company does not have the possibility to send us e-invoices, the invoices are to be sent by e-mail to 27088137@scan.netvisor.fi

    • Email may include multiple PDF attachments, but each PDF attachment should contain only one invoice. All the attachments should have a different name
    • All pages of the invoice must be in the same file
    • The total email size cannot exceed 10 MB
    • The attachment name should not contain special characters
    • The PDF version should be 1.3 or higher
    • The PDF should not require a password to open

    In case you have questions, kindly contact us at:

    Nella Niemi

    Johdon assistentti

    Management Assistant

    +358 44 359 4580