We have been involved in developing and delivering mechanical, electric and refrigeration solutions to demanding projects over a time period spanning up to 30 years.


Some of our customers:

A&R Carton
- installations

Adven Oy 
- pipeworks, maintenance, district heating

Oy AGA Ab 
- pipeworks, valves, pumps, machine maintenance, installations

Fortum Power and Heat Oy
Kauttua, Naantali, Meri-Pori, Southwest Finland
- valve inspections and repair, conveyors, coal mills, pumps, machine installations

HKScan Finland
- steampipes

Jujo Thermal LTD
- crane rails, pipelines, valves, changes to air conditioning, cooling systems, installations and repairing.

JVP-Eura, Euran wastewater treatment plant 
- pump maintenance, pipeline changes, machinery maintenance

Municipality of Eura
- waste water pumps, cooler system for the health care center and the rest home air conditioning (splits)

- machine maintenance, manufacturing a pickling cart

Sucros Oy
- pipelines, steelworks

- maintenance, annual maintenance shutdowns etc.

Yara Suomi Oy
- maintenance, steelworks, annual maintenance shutdowns etc.

Sinituote Oy
- solar plant